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Izzy Osmanovich is an Australian guitarist...

Izzy Osmanovich began his music career in Newcastle, Australia in the 1980's bands: Powerstrike with John Shelley, Ismet Osmanovic: guitar, George Coutsouco, Craig T Foster and John-Boy Whitbread. Statas Quo with John Shelly, Trevor Dare, John-Boy Whitbread and George Coutsouco. Street Legal with Gary Merritt, Andy Larkman, Danny Jackson, Dave Burgess, Steve Sly, Grant Lawson, Vince Martinelli and Peter Holmes. The Wire with Ian 'Benny' Bennett, Danny Jackson, John-Boy Whitbread, Steve 'Mac" McLennan and George Coutsouco.

In the 1990's he played guitar in: Dead Legends with Ismet Osmanovich: guitar and vocals , Craig T Foster, Paul Elliot, Barry 'Buzzsaw' Adams and Bruce Gain. Far Q with Craig T Foster and Bruce Gain. In The Red with Murray Roach, Don Soper, Danny Jackson, Ismit Osmanovic: guitar, Trevor Dare, Bobby Socks Mathews, Craig T Foster, Rob Bell and George Chook.

Izzy played in Newcastle bands: Judge Mercy with Andy Cichon, Craig T Foster and Michael O'Shea. Other bands included: The Stilsons with Dave Gleeson, Kenny Jewel, Steve 'Mac' McLennan and Trevor Dare. Kamikazi Kowboys with Steve McLennan, Kenny Jewel and guest vocalist The Very Reverend Toddy.

Izzy joined the band the Screaming Jets in 1997. In early 1989 the Screaming Jets (The Jets) pub rock band was formed with Dave Gleeson, Paul Woseen, Brad Heaney 1989-1993, Grant Walmsley and Richard Lara 1989-1993. Craig Rosevear 1993-2000 replaced Brad Heaney on Drums, Jimi 'The Human' Hocking 1993-1997 replaced Richard Lara on Guitar, Izzy Osmanovich 1997 replaced Hocking on guitar in 1997, Col Hatchman 2001-2005 replaced Craig Rosevear on drums and Mickl Sayers 2006 replaced Col Hatchman on drums. In 2001 the Screaming Jets toured Australia with KISS and Alice Cooper.  In 2002 they did a short tour for a self titled live album and in 2004 toured again.

At The Basement Sydney on January 3, 2007 Seven of the best guitarists in Australia gathered on the Basement  stage including: Izzy Osmanovich, Mal Eastick, Adam Eckersley from The Bluezone, Peter Northcote, Kevin Borich, Phil Emmanuel, Phil Manning from Chain and Bluezone's-Mik McCartin, Joel Oakhill and Parris Macleod.

Get more information about Izzy Osmanovich at the Screaming Jets website: www.screamingjets.com.au
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Bluezone with Izzy Osmanovich, Peter Northcote, Phil Manning, Mal Eastick, Phil Emmanuel & Kevin Borich made Australian music history when performing as The Australian Guitar Legends Show held at the Basement in Sydney.